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Fremont,Ca U.S.A
Dear Prayer Partner and Friend
We are coming to the end of the year but this does not mean it is the end of our work.
We are excited to jump into the next year and do much more for God. We know that He will open more doors for all of us. It is time for us press in and say," Dear Lord here I am, send me. Send me. Yes, me Lord!" Please consider
this in your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to nurture a growth of great desire inside of you. As we know there is nothing
impossible for God and because of Him nothing will be impossible for all of us. He will help us get all the tasks done. During these 7 days before the New Year I am praying, as I do every year,for clarity of all I've heard and will do next.One of the things I am praying for is that through the emails we come to give and receive a encouragement, become more united and transfer the perfect love to one another. We want you to know that God our Father is building a strong allegiant  to the body of Christ and it is through the key called prayer. Prayer is becoming an instrument used to defeat the our enemy even more so than before. We hope all will see an impartation coming through the emails and many testimonies flowing to one another in all of the world. I am glad to have you as a part of this big plan of God of restoration and unity in the Church of Christ.
Thank you very much.
In Christ precious love.
Pr. Eliana Cabral

Activities Report
1. Miracle Night
2. Miracle Day
3. Awakening Night
4. Healing Heart
5. MMI Intercessors
6. Silvania - New base in Brazil
7. Mission Trip
Miracle Night - Fremont Marriott
During the year we were served so well by the management of this hotel. Our meetings were blessed over our expectation. We had people coming from different cities, cultures, nationalities and all served by the hotel very well.

God showed us that the market place is open and needs us to come and take our place there. One thing is to come to a place ( Hotel ) where many things are going on at the same time and another is a place where the word of God is coming out. We ministered to workers, guests, and prayed over each floor each time before our meetings started and we seek God for his blessing over us at the time we ministered to our visitors. We saw people literally healed, some accepted Jesus Christ, and marriages and finances restored. People returned to churches desiring to fellowship with the body of Christ again.

We appreciate all the speakers we had whom responded to God's call and came. The word has been the key of our meeting because it is what we believe that will be set people free by listening to the word of God.
We are seeking for more of His strength to do our best next year. We have a lot of immigrants coming. Especially at this public meeting, we really want the numbers to increase. Our Language Departments are excited to minister to them in their natural language.
Please, remember us in your prayers.
Miracle Day
When we started this meeting with women, we saw a possibility not only to impart the anointing or desire to hear from God more but also to serve and develop skills of speaking in small or big groups. Today we have women leading worship, sharing testimonies, praying for the sick, driving people to the meetings, developing the intercession for America and others nations and filling their place in ministry of Jesus Christ.
Pr. Eliana usually says, " If we are not passing the baton then what is it all for? I can't be where they are, but the same spirit that is in me can be with them. The spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit. This is what the word of Christ teaches us and I have been living on this word for many years."
The session also brings, healing, freedom and deliverance.
" Women go to your city and tell them what Jesus is doing for you ". 
Awakening Night
MMI meeting focus is to minister in the market place and host meetings in business places where people can have easy access. Business owners invite us to come and minister. Awakening Night is one of these meetings. People come, listen and receive prayer. The prayer time at this meeting becomes very powerful because we focus and take seriously what we are doing. Time is very precious for us and some come far to enjoy each minute we have together. A Phiilipino lady named Minerva said two weeks ago ," I never saw my husband speaking and this was the first time I heard him speaking about Jesus and not feel shy.Thank you for listening and encouraging us.

We have learned along the years to not build any walls between religion, culture or race. We focus on Jesus' word and  the vision is to build the body of Christ. We came with love and compassion, authority and revelation to minister to one another with simple words in prayer and powerful actions for God's glory.

Healing Heart
Every Thursday Night we meet at MMI conference room in Fremont. We also take this teaching to homes when it's required. This session has been active for 3 years and many have been healed from anger, fear, depression, among other things. They have received encouragement and found their destiny in life.
MMI Intercessions 
We reach the goal this year of starting 2005 with International intercessors. It is the number we heard from the Lord necessary to expand in ministry for now.
All the intercessors are volunteers working in their home churches and desiring to be connected through prayer for all needs. Who are these people? They are the soldiers watching out for others and interceding to the Almighty God for each and every person, groups of nations who have a particular need of prayer.
Silvania - New Base in Brazil
We praise God.We really Praise Him.
The offering started to come in for this project in the city called by God to be a light in the darkness. We know it's the beginning of preparation for the kingdom of God to come to Silvania. The School of ministry will come through for salvation of many in Brazil. We thank you for your help and to God all the glory.
Please remember this in your prayers.
Mission Trips

The schedule to minister overseas is a phenomenal opportunity to take to other nations and cultures what we all have as children of God. Paraguay, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Finland, Brazil, India, Uganda and Portugal is our focus for this next year. We trust and wait on Him and we will get into the mission of reaching the ends of the earth. Praise be to God!
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13.8
To all of you who are involved, who have attended, and to you who have joined us with prayer, we want to express our love to you and say thank you.
In Jesus Christ love,
MMI Staff
Niliana DeSouza
Assistent - Coordinator
Language Departments
If you would like to know more about our Language Departments Please visit our Staff Page for more information.